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Website and Marketing Services

From the start, Tripoint Digital has been focused on helping small and mid-size businesses compete on the digital playing field with larger organizations – all of which employ teams of marketing specialists to make everything look just right.

Often, local and regional businesses are doing an amazing job, but disjointed branding or lack of information causes potential customers to move on to a more accessible alternative. The services provided by Tripoint Digital make it easy for customers to find your outstanding products and services.

We work with you to develop solutions and a marketing approach that fits your business goals and amplifies the best parts of what you do.Options include:  

  • Website improvements or redesign – all our websites are responsive (i.e., they’ll look great across devices and screen resolutions – whether computer, tablet, or phone)
  • Ensuring accurate information across online directories & business listings
  • Creating content and a schedule, so that you’ve got a steady stream of fresh material for your site and social media pages
  • Reviewing social media strategies and developing an approach to increase engagement while growing followers
  • Connecting all the analytics – you can’t measure what you don’t know
  • Email marketing support – list building and customer communication
  • We can also work with you on other marketing projects not listed here, just reach out and let us know what you’d like to do.

We’ll make it great!

Websites are key for all businesses and can be deceptively easy to set up, but staying up to date with the constant evolution of the industry is its own full-time job. Tripoint Digital’s goal is to create a website using WordPress that connects with consumers by providing the key relevant information they want and by developing a fully responsive site that will look great across browsers, phones, tablets, and other emerging media. Along the way, we’ll also make sure you’ve got the right content throughout to rank higher in search results. Yep, this is SEO.

We can audit your existing site to find the biggest areas of improvement on an ROI basis. That lets us know if you need a tune-up or a new site. We’ll assist with layouts, image selection, logo modifications, and editing. 

Once the site is in place, we make sure it’s connected where it needs to be: social media, business listings and directories, email campaigns, and other marketing programs. We also set up reporting, so you know what generates the most activity.

Our team can also train staff for any frequent content updates or blog entries.

There is no shortage of ways to reach customers, it’s their attention that is scarce. We’ll help map out your social media efforts to line up with other marketing programs, so you can maximize your business’ messages at the best time to reach your audience.

Social Media
We can set-up fresh pages or polish existing ones. Let’s make sure your efforts all tie back to your company’s goals. Lining up posts, promos, and announcements can be planned in advance. We’ll help you do it.

Sharing new information and fresh content continues to be a driver in page rankings and developing expertise. We’ll work with you to develop an editorial calendar and can even help with the writing.

Search Engine Optimization
SEO is more of an art than a science, we’ll see which words and phrases are working on your site and see where we could adjust things to get better results. If you’ve got a blog in the works, even better. Google loves fresh content!

Paid Search
Whether it’s AdWords or Facebook Advertising, we can develop your pay-per-click (PPC) ads to reach your target audience and meet your budget.

Email Marketing
We can fine-tune your email campaigns and develop a plan to increase subscribers. While not as flashy as social media, this is a direct one-to-once communication to your customer and is often overlooked.

With the majority of searches now coming from mobile devices, it’s critical for businesses to be “findable.” Often a choice is made to go with the best available option. We’ll make sure that potential customers can get the information they need for your business.

There are hundreds of business listing sites across the Internet that pull in information about your business. Some of it is correct, but most is wrong or simply unavailable. We’ll help take ownership of key profile pages (those that generate the most traffic) and make sure your company’s presence shines.